Shelyse Richard


Shelyse Richard is a self-employed artist specializing in digital illustration and design. She resides in Charlottetown, PEI where she hopes to grow her business as a freelance artist using her creative services for both a local and international clientele. Shelyse has been doing her artwork both traditionally and digitally for many years. She considers it her passion and gift in life.

Shelyse graduated from Holland College in 2013 from the Video Game Art & Animation program where she learned how to create various types of art assets, mainly for games. From there, she went on to work full time at a small studio in Charlottetown, Telos Entertainment. Working on art for Facebook and mobile games has helped Shelyse to develop important skills in the industry and taught her how to work in a professional environment with a team of other talented individuals.

Since then, she has been a part of the IT Garage program, working as the Team Lead. At the IT Garage, it was her responsibility to assist in managing the teams and helping interns create art for a game and business application demo. This experience was valuable in developing leadership skills and inspired her to take the leap as a self-employed artist.

Shelyse is also a key member of Rabbit Hole Studios, as the art lead of the team creating art assets for indie games part time.